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At Corbilt Group we are celebrating our growth by building a larger facility in Enderby, B.C.

The new location, on Brick Yard Road, sits on 4 acres and will house more than 10,000 sq. ft. of shop space and nearly 2,100 sq. ft. of office. The Enderby office and manufacturing/shop is more than two-and-half times bigger than Corbilt’s original space in Mara, which has predominately been our home since our founding. Although, we anxiously await moving day, we will continue to use to utilize the additional 2000 sq. ft. shop facility in Mara for ongoing operations.

We anticipate the new facility to be fully operational by summer 2015, allowing us to accommodate the increased demand while continuing to effectively execute on time and on budget, high quality solutions for your industrial needs.



Our Core Values form the foundation on which we operate and grow.

Enderby Cliffs



Trusting relationships are the foundation of our growth and longevity in the industry. We stand behind our work and remain true to our values of quality, honesty, ethical principles, unsurpassed value and hard work.


We stand behind our promises made, both verbally and contractually. We use our extensive experience to eliminate potential problems and firmly believe that every relationship, every task and every project deserves our absolute best every day. We aspire to be the industry leader in the delivery of our services through a commitment to our clients, continuous evaluation and innovation.


We work in an ever changing environment. We proactively seek opportunities to lead and embrace these changes. Our solution based approach, provides our clients the value added services they have come to expect and we endeavor to exceed. We are proactive in finding solutions for our clients that best achieve their goals.


Our comprehensive Health & Safety program is an integral part of our daily operation and focuses on continuous improvement, employee commitment and regular evaluation. Journey to Zero is our Goal, Zero Injuries is our Focus We aspire to be an industry leader, assisting our clients through innovation and fabrication methods to improve their overall Environmental Health & Safety initiatives.


We are successful because people make us successful. Our employees love what they do, are dedicated to enhancing the lives of those within our organization and those that we interact with on a daily basis. Building lasting relationships are the lifeblood of our business. Our employees are committed to our Core Values and our clients, by providing the highest quality of service. These attributes are what distinguishes us as a leader in our industry.