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Wrangler Engineering Ltd our newest division within Corbilt Group of Companies was inspired to increase our ability to meet industry needs while ensuring our continued growth, remains strategic and focused on our ability to provide our clients with the highest level of quality and innovation.

Wrangler an engineering, design, and sales division of the Corbilt Group, that capitalizes on our 20 plus years in the industry. Allowing our clients to have access to a turnkey solution that has been founded on quality, innovation and experience.

The Wrangler team’s primary focus areas includes the design of fugitive dust solutions for your existing equipment, including low pressure collection systems in addition to design solutions for existing OEM equipment. Ensuring we have the increased capacity to engineer and design, all specialized equipment with the highest level of quality controls which meet current known NFPA, Federal and Worksafe standards.

We continue to aspire to “complete client satisfaction”, with the highest quality of service and solutions in the industry. Providing our clients complete piece of mind with their capital investment, while allowing us to incorporate internal efficiencies with turnkey solutions that provides our clients an affordable and dependable option.

Band Mill Pick-Up

Our New Facility
in Enderby, BC

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